The first question a potential customer always asks me is “How much does it cost to make a web site?” I hear it all the time. Well, Depending on how your site was built, when it was built and who built it – you could be looking at a lot of hours or just a few…When you are shopping for a web developer you should make sure that they want to do the best work for you they can.

Type of work Hours(est) Cost(est)
A la carte Hourly work – I recommend that my clients buy a chunk of prepaid time and save some money, but i do work by the hour. $150

Prepaid Service contract – When you pre pay you get a nice discount and you can use this time as you wish – have me revise your site, edit content or designing graphics.

12 $1500($125/hr)

Prepaid Service contract (24 hours) – A 30% discount for hours prepaid over 24.

24 $2400($100/hr)
Maintenance Schedule – Site backup once a month emailed to you or burned on a cd. 6 $500
Site Revamp – this is the hardest to estimate since all sites vary in construction and quality of construction – I do a site assessment and then we will agree on the fee for the updates. 20 $2000
CMS Customization – my new favorite thing – customizing any site around a Geeklog core makes them easier to manage and set up. 12 $1500