Web Site Design

Here they are. Some additional historical examples of my web work. I still take care of some -others are maintained by their owner (i.e. not my fault…err… responsibility anymore) and some have run their course and shut down. I am proud of them all and hope that you can find one among them that inspires you to trust me with your web site.
Sofas & Chairs of Minnesota-site design-(http://www.sofasandchairs.com)Some of my favorite clients. I don\’t mean just the owners David and Greg, but everone on staff at the showrooms and corporate headquarters. They all wanted the same thing – A site to showcase their custom furniture. At their stores you can order just about anything you want with any fabric or leather, and its cheaper than you would expect. But the customer has to come to the store first. This site is simple design, with basic HTML and rich graphics to offer the most functionality for the largest audience.
HGA Architects-site design-(http://www.hga.com)public site showcasing completed works by architect firm Hammel, Green and Abrahamson
MicroBoards-site design-(http://www.microboards.com)Public page with product information on MicroBoards products. Order tracking and driver and software support. (Recent Redesign – New page at MicroBoards site)
MicroBoards Pro Audio (Currently offline)-site design-(http://microboardsproaudio.com)Public page with a long domain name, but the design turned out great. The site has become a great generator for MicroBoards sales staff and a resource for the users.
Geek Squad-site design-(http://www.geeksquad.com)I love these guys- I love this site- lots of fun. Named one of the best sites for online tech support 1998 by the Wall Street Journal
or New York Times- one of them Big Apple Papers anyways.
Justerson-site design-(http://www.justerson.com)Online photo album documenting the kick-ass time intern Justin Anderson had in Europe, summer 2000, designed and built by Justin himself.
-site design-(http://www.webbadass.com/frank-Miller)Public page to showcase the works of one of the best electronic artists in the state.
the Local-site design-(http://www.the-local.com)daily specials and a complete online menu-reservations online
Rafiki Wine Company-site design-(http://www.rafikiwine.com)A resource for distributors and vendors. Printable material and tastingnotes.
Wine Company
-mini site design-(http://www.rafikiwine.com/jindalee)A mini site featuring their new flavors of wine from Australia and New Zealand. I can\’t claim the design of the labels, but I made them look good on the web.
Cheetah Valley-site design-(http://www.cheetahvalley.com)Another flavor – in fact the flagship from the folks at Rafiki. Find a bottle of the Pinotage- you won’t be disappointed.
Sofas and Chairs-site design- Revision completed March 2002(http://www.sofasandchairs.com)Public page for a home grown family business. All they needed was a good looking page that would get people to call.
Origami Restaurant-site design-(http://www.origamirestaurant.com)Featuring a complete menu online with photos. digital photos, however, could never do their sushi justice.
Bob’s Java Hut-site design-(Currently OFFLINE)OFFLINE- Offering information and photos of the popular coffee shop. A simple online store to take orders for their 20+ products. One of the best cups of coffee in town as well.
Corporate Real
-site design-(http://www.creconsultants.com)Public page with examples of jobs done. This page started as a salvage job of someone else\’s work and ended up being usable with minor modifications.
Martin Bastian-site design-(http://www.martinbastian.com)Graphic heavy informational site to sell MB\’s meeting, video, and support services to customers- complete with Quicktime videos (Speedis essential).
-site design-(http://www.webbadass.com/schickele)This is one of the first sites I ever created. PRI hired IVL for this site in 1996. This site was created to support Peter Schickele\’s great
radio program. Link to the site to find out when it is on in your area.