If you have me work on your web site I will insist on hosting it. Why? Many ISP’s could not care less about their clients unless the check does not cash and then, they dont call – they just turn your site off.. Support, service, value – These things are creatures of the past as it is all automated and programmed now. Try to get a hold of your service provider when your web site is down or you can’t get your email. You can’t. But you will be able to get a hold of me. As your host I can implement any open source solution for you in a snap.

Hosting includes 100 megs of storage, sophisticated and detailed stats on site traffic (with awstats), access to your mail via all of the popular email programs as well as these web based programs.

If I host your web site and you are looking for configuration instructions as to how to access your email, access is available both via the web and external maill applications.- The instructions for both are as follows. (Substitute your domain name where you find in the example below) 

Log in address – –

User = (YES, you MUST type

Pword = password


Incoming/Outgoing Mail Servers =

Outgoing port: 2500

User = (YES, you MUST type

Pword = password

In any of the Outlook programs or Entourage, locate the tools->Accounts option.You will get an option like this. create a new account and name it accordingly.

Fill in all the fields as they apply to your personal information and you are done.