Email obfuscator

Spam bots are getting a lot smarter at harvesting email addresses from web pages
but I don’t think they’ll find a way around this Javascript encoder any time soon!

Jottings .com may be gone but they kept their email obfuscator online for us. Thanks guys… The email obfuscator encrypts your email into a string of characters – all you do is put in your email and it generates the code. When the code is executed on a browser the email and a link to it is decrypted and displays the email as a mailto: link. Very Cool and its free. Here is the link Jottings email obfuscator.

There are a number of other ones that work just as well but sometimes they jut dont work in a content management system or other types of page that feature an inline editor so if you have trouble with one try another. Like Joe Maller’s “protexted email script” available at Joe’s script is much simpler and almost works every time and you dont have to go to a web page every time you want to install it. Just keep a copy of the script on your note pad.